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Statement of Editorial Independence

The credibility of GPnotebook depends on both its actual and perceived editorial independence and, as such, all editorial decisions are made based on the sole criterion of merit. Advertising is carried on the site but the process of selling and placing advertisements is managed at strict arms’ length by Omniamed Ltd. Advertising may be shown alongside particular pages according to the contents of that page or according to the previous reading behaviour of the user; this targetting of advertising is at strict arms' length from the authoring and editorial processes.

The following principles are in place to protect editorial independence and should be borne in mind at all times by all authors:

  • Editorial decisions should always be based purely on merit and not influenced in any way by any actual or potential funding body.
  • The advertising sales process is conducted by Omniamed Ltd’s sales team at strict arms’ length from the editorial process. Authors remain unaware throughout of which advertisements are being sold and to whom.
  • Authors are strongly discouraged from taking payments or other inducements from parties such as pharmaceutical companies who have, or may be perceived to have, an interest in influencing the content of GPnotebook. All authors should complete a Statement of Competing Interests and update this on an annual basis. It is each author’s responsibility to update this document in the event of any material change in their competing interests. Completed Statements of Competing Interests for all authors will be published on the website. The declaration of a relevant competing interest shall not disqualify an author from writing on a particular topic but all declared competing interests shall be borne in mind by the Editor-in-Chief when allocating topics to authors. Each author's statement of competing interests can be found on their respective biography pages.
  • No member of the authoring team should have any direct contact with clients regarding opportunities to advertise on the GPnotebook site. Any such queries should be referred to Omniamed Ltd’s sales team without further debate or discussion.
  • Where feedback relating to specific content is received from a commercial or other organisation that may have a vested interest in influencing that content, the merit of their submission will be assessed according to the same principles of rigour applied to all primary sources of evidence. The fact the submission has emanated from an organisation that is a current or potential advertiser shall have no bearing on editorial decisions.

Document prepared February 2018.

Due for review February 2019.

General Practice Notebook
General Practice Notebook
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