How to add a Blog?

After logged in user should go to the simplepage to find the link to add a blog. There are two links which will lead to view blogs and the other link will let user to add a blog to the site. By clicking the link will get a popup window. select the category and add Blog URL.

Once user Press the Check URL button the system will check the url and download the content of the page and update the page.

Note : This URL should be a rss feed and will only download the first blog information if many exists.

Once the user Press the Update button a message will be displayed. This URL need to be accepted by the administrator before it can view in the site.


How to View a Blog?

Once clicked the Blogs page will be presented with a summary of number of Blogs available from each category. To view the blogs click on the a category.

All the accepted rss (by administrator) will be displayed in a popup window. User can visit the actual website by clicking on the title of the blog.